Women Partnering for Justice in El Salvador

IBVM (Loretto) twinned with La Bermuda, El Salvador

In 1989 the Loretto Sisters in Canada and the USA entered into a "twinned" relationship with the rural community of La Bermuda (now Marianella Garcia Villas) in El Salvador to:

  • establish and maintain bonds of friendship;
  • provide humanitarian aid to support the rebuilding of the community devastated by the war;
  • provide spiritual and moral support to the repopulated community.

How does the twinned relationship work?

Self-determination of the Salvadoran people is key to the relationship. Twinned relationships encourage both partners to be involved in direct aid and systemic change through “people-to-people relationships". IBVM shares the values and principles of the twin program: mutuality, solidarity, justice, strengthening the role of women, democracy, locally-based community development and caring for the environment.

Voices from La Bermuda

"I know your heart is with my heart and my heart is with your heart." (an elderly woman in La Bermuda)

"If the suffering of the poor does not interest you as if it were the suffering of your own family, then you cannot save our society." (Archbishop Oscar Romero)

"We want you to know that your support represents and means a lot for us." (La Bermuda Board of Directors)

"Because of your efforts and the determination of our people, victory has been possible. But the challenges we face today are no less than those we faced in the past. We still need you to stand by us …" (in a letter from a campesino in La Bermuda)

About Our Partners

SALVAIDE (est. 1985): Canadians and Salvadorans working together to foster social and economic justice and development, democracy and dignity in El Salvador. www.salvaide.ca

CRIPDES (Association of Rural Communities for the Development of El Salvador est. 1984): a Salvadoran non-governmental organization that empowers rural communities to participate in and influence political, social and sustainable economic development at the local, regional and national level.

CORDES (Foundation for Cooperation with the Repopulations and Displaced of El Salvador est. 1998): a Salvadoran non-governmental organization that provides technical and professional assistance to sustainable economic and environmental projects in neglected rural areas.

SALVAIDE, CRIPDES and CORDES work with diverse international partners and rural Salvadoran communities to influence the creation of an alternative development strategy that is participatory, inclusive, equitable, just and sustainable.

How Can You Help?

For the last 30 years, an annual brunch with friends has raised funds to support a variety of development projects including education, health care, agricultural and environmental projects, community development and training. If you would like to be invited or to make a donation contact: ibvmadm [at] rogers [dot] com

Loretto Sisters and friends join annual Salvaide delegations and visit the community of La Bermuda (photo).