IBVM at the United Nations - Update No 13. 6/15

Thanks for opening this UN UPDATE for June 2015. The Pope and Ban Ki-moon collaborate on issues of extreme importance for the human family and our planet; the 2015 NGO conference at the United Nations to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the UN: Global collaboration through the Arts: Local justice issue, a global justice and our efforts to stop human trafficking.

Climate Change

“Climate Change affects people living in poverty first and worst”. Our moral obligation to act so as to change our present situation will be brought to our attention in the Papal Encyclical on Climate Change to be released on June 18th 2015. Even though past Popes have made strong stands in favour of environmental protection, Pope Francis will be the first to address climate change in a pontiff's most authoritative teaching document.

At a recent meeting held in the Vatican, Pope Francis and Ban Ki-moon together with religious leaders, Nobel laureates and heads of state joined to warn about the dire effects of climate change ahead of the critical decision making summit to be held later this year in Paris.

Pope Francis will also be present and address the United Nations General Assembly on 25 September, 2015 when heads of State will, adopt the Post 2015 Agenda marking the program of Sustainable Development Goals to guide the global community until 2030.

70th Anniversary of the Founding of the United Nations

The United Nations officially came into existence on 24 October 1945. "The 70th anniversary of the United Nations is an opportunity to reflect – to look back on the UN’s history and take stock of its enduring achievements. It is also an opportunity to spotlight where the UN – and the international community as a whole – needs to redouble its efforts to meet current and future challenges across the three pillars of its work: peace and security, development, and human rights." – (Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's message for UN70)

To mark the 70th. Anniversary a special website, in the official UN languages enables easy access to useful information. ( http://www.un.org/un70/ ). We can use it as a learning tool or a way to brush up aspects of our knowledge of the UN. Read the United Nations Charter. Learn about the History of the UN, UN Milestones, the UN around the world, the eight Secretary Generals. Watch UN 70 Videos, listen to UN 70 Audios of Radio Classics including the first reading of the Declaration of Human Rights. See the 2015 Highlights, Events in New York and Global Activities to mark the 70th. Anniversary.

The United Nations invites us to plan activities mark the event, to share information with our networks and with them. We have been associated with the United Nations for almost 12 years now. We have been told that we guard it as a well- kept secret. Let´s make the most of our efforts to collaborate with the United Nations, to be well informed about it and about our IBVM efforts in this respect.

2015 NGO Conference at the United Nations

“The Permanent Mission of Canada along with The Permanent Missions of Suriname, Sao Tome and Principe, Ukraine are the Lead Endorsers of the 2015 NGO Conference at the United Nations. They support the conference recognizing the special place that civil society has at the UN and they invite us to register and join this conference: Honoring the Past. Respecting the Present, imagining the Future. It will be held in New York on 24, 25, and 26 August 2015 and will be preceded by a pre-conference (22 and 23 August) which will be a chance for NGOs from around the world to share with others their mission and vision.

The conference will focus on three issues:

  • Honoring the Past - recognizing individuals and NGOs who helped make the UN-NGO relationship what it is today;
  • Recognizing the Present - providing an important opportunity to build civil society’s capacity to implement the UN’s post–2015 agenda: the SDGs;
  • Imagining the Future – looking ahead to promote youth from interns and lower administrative staff into managerial and directorial roles in the future.

It will be a pleasure to welcome members of our IBVM Network from around the world. The Conference Registration closes on July 15, 2015. Could those wishing to attend let me know as soon as possible at ibvmunngo [at] gmail [dot] com at latest by June 10 so that we can register as a group. Any suggestions about possible side-events will also be welcome. Deadline for side event proposals is 26 June 2015. Click link for information: 2015 NGO Conference at the United Nations.

News from IBVM Network

Global Collaboration through the Arts

The mural entitled “A Message to the World from The World” was unveiled at the Toronto Catholic District School Board meeting on Thursday June 11, 2015. The joint initiative by Mary Ward Center and Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts, Toronto, the Loretto Sisters and IBVM NGO to the United Nations, Canadian Province, produced this artistic interpretation of hopes of young people around the World collaborating on a United Nations theme.

Participating countries were invited to take the UN MY WORLD 2015 survey. Using this as a basis for their work, countries created a mural depicting their vision for the world. This project provided the platform for participants to engage in education and dialogue about our future. It also encouraged an active and creative involvement in the UN’s movement from the Millennium Development Goals to the post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals. The 13 participating countries, Bangladesh, Canada, Hungary, India, Italy, Kenya, Mauritius, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, South Sudan, Spain and Zambia contributed the art work presented in the Mural and lots of photos of themselves working on the project. They are all on display on The Mary Ward Center website.

Mary Ward Justice Lecture, Australia - Local issue, a global Concern

“Over the past few years the Australian Province, in collaboration with its schools, has run an expanding series of lectures and panel discussions on social issues aimed at provoking discussion and action. This year the focus of the Mary Ward Justice Lectures is on disadvantaged young people. Social disadvantage, which prevents young people from flourishing, is not, unfortunately, just an issue for Australia but, for most of the world.” Libby Rogerson, UN Province Representative, Australia gives a sobering account of the situation of youth around the world in the article attached and reminds us that “education is one of the key factors in breaking this cycle of poverty and disengagement but it cannot be a “one size fits all” approach.” Libby contributes her reflection based on the lecture "Freedom to Flourish: Young People and Social Disadvantage" given at Loreto Toorak, Australia.

ACRATH experiences the benefit of its advocacy work.

Members of ACRATH, Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans celebrate a recent advance in their advocacy efforts, that of visa changes for people trafficked into Australia. The changes address concerns ACRATH have raised with the federal government over and over again during the past 6 years. ACRATH members tenaciously kept asking:

  • for changes to visa names so they don't stigmatise trafficked people,
  • for access to English classes for people on temporary visas,
  • for better access to Social Security payments.

They worked on this issue by writing to, and also meeting with, the relevant Ministers, by speaking to many Members of Parliament, and by working strategically with government departmental officers, Ministerial advisors and with like-minded NGOs.

RENATE Training In Madrid.

Religious in Europe Networking against Trafficking and Exploitation (RENATE) recently gathered in Madrid, Spain for a Training Session on Intervention and Integration of Victims of Trafficking. IBVM is a member of RENATE, Imelda Poole, Albania in the core group. See Loreto Albania work on human Trafficking at http://www.albaniahope.com/ibvm-loreto-albania/anti-human-trafficking-ne... . Pilar Gonzalez Cano represented IBVM Spain at the Training session.

Human Trafficking is All Around Us

Is your country a source, transit, destination country for men, women and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking? It has some, if not all, of these characteristics and perhaps you will find other surprises when you rea about it. The Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP) gives substantial information about each country. Read about your country and those where members of the Institute are present.


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