IBVM Associate Relationship: Memories of the June 18th, 2011 Gathering

IBVM Associates and Sisters gathered at Loretto Maryholme Spirituality Centre for a special day of reflection on June 18, 2011. Associates Rita Mary Cote and Adrienne Corte were facilitators for this event. Associates and sisters had an opportunity to celebrate their special bond of friendship and spiritual connection through ritual and sharing. Jane McDonell, IBVM Provincial First Councillor accepted the formal commitments of new associates Maria Pinto (sponsored by Linda Ivsins) and Linda Sui (sponsored by Marguerite How).

Loretto Maryholme, a place of peace and natural beauty, provided the perfect setting for this celebration. Associate Gerry Graham was the official photographer for day. A sampling of Gerry’s exceptional photography is available below.

Community, and especially a community of like-minded, sensitive women, is most needed in order to affirm one another in the journey, and to remind one another that this very journey, however humble and frail, is itself a most blessed, God-given way to praise and serve our God. - Guia Sambonet, IBVM Associate

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