Join Online Campaign to End World Poverty

Online Campaign to End World PovertyOnline Campaign to End World Poverty

Are you concerned about the inequitable distribution of wealth and resources in our world?

Would you like to make Poverty History for everyone in both the so-called developed and developing worlds?

If so, then vote in the online petition for a Social Protection Floor by clicking on the following link.

What is a Social Protection Floor?

‘Social Protection Floor’ means ensuring the basic human rights of each person. Please vote in this online petition if you believe that every person is entitled to a basic set of essential social rights including food, water, housing, education and work. By voting you are using your voice to encourage governments to allocate more money to social services that meet the most basic needs and respect the dignity of every person.

It only takes a minute to register your vote, but its impact could be long lasting. This online campaign is rapidly gaining support among grassroots activists around the world, and has the potential to become a powerful advocacy tool, so we urge you to do your bit.

After you have voted, please use your networks to spread this message. Talk to your friends and family, post this petition on facebook, email your contacts and/or share the link with colleagues. We are aiming for one million signatures by the end of the year. With your help this petition will improve people’s lives in every country round the globe. Here are two valuable resources on the Social Protection Floor. Learn More:

Anne Kelly, IBVM UN representative On behalf of the NGO on Social Development