Eco Examen Thanksgiving

I pray to be:

  • Grateful for the cosmos and for our planet.
  • Aware of the wonders of the natural world, the intricacies of the ecosystem.
  • More conscious of my place in this complex web of life.
  • Alive to God at work in all creation.


Creator God help me to see and understand what great gifts of creation have been given us to cherish and nurture.

  • For the beauty of this world give me a grateful heart.
  • Give me insight into the ways I use the gifts of this world.
  • Give me the grace to use the gifts of this world with moderation and care.


Loving God help me to honestly review how I live in this world; how I use the gifts of creation and how I contribute to the care and protection of the planet.

Today did I

  • Turn off the lights when not needed
  • Turn down/off the heating or cooling
  • Turn off electrical appliances at the power point
  • Wait until I had a full load before using the washing machine
  • Take a shorter shower
  • Saved the shower water for the garden
  • Use public transport rather than the car
  • Make the effort to place cans, bottles and plastics in the recycling bin
  • Talk with a community member/friend/relative about the importance of caring for the planet?


Looking over the day I become aware of the opportunities lost, of ways I could have done more to care for and protect the planet. I pray for:

  • Sorrow at opportunities lost
  • Those in leadership who resist change
  • Gratitude for the love and forgiveness of God.


Give me loving God a renewed vision of the possibilities for our world. Lead me to do more for the earth, the planet, the cosmos.

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