In the Presence of God: Mary Ward’s Spirituality

A new publication by Ursula Dirmeier, CJ
Translated by Julie Clinton, IBVM
Published by Loreto Sisters, Gibraltar 2009

The purpose and content of this recent publication by Ursula Dirmeier CJ is to spell out the spirituality of Mary Ward for the people of today. Mary Ward (1585 - 1645) was misunderstood by the Catholic Church for several centuries. She was not recognized as the founder of her religious congregation (Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary - English Ladies) until the beginning of the 20th century, and not until the Second Vatican Council could her congregation realize her original intention of creating an autonomous congregation for women with the same way of life, constitutions and apostolic goals as the society of Jesus.

The book explores three major themes

  • How as a woman, Mary Ward interpreted and developed the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola
  • How she taught others to live in lively interaction with God in such a way that daily prayer and life became unified
  • How she affirmed the goal of human fulfilment and shows how God’s will can be recognized and carried out.

Not only can this book serve as a guide to members of religious orders but can also provide all Christian men and women with inspiration for their personal life of faith.

In 1909, Pope Pius X declared Mary Ward (1585-1645) as founder of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary
400th Anniversary Prayer

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