400th Anniversary Inaugural Celebration

The Institute Story in the Universe Story

IBVM Sisters and Associates gathered at Loretto Abbey on January 3rd, 2009 to inaugurate the Canadian Province’s celebration of the 400th Anniversary of the founding of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The theme of the day, “the Institute Story in the Universe Story” was chosen to highlight the new responses that were evoked in the 17th century by the new Copernican cosmology, and the 21st century ecological challenges.

This theme was developed through an entertaining and stimulating dialogue between Pope Urban VIII (1568 - 1644), Galileo Galilei (1564 -1642) the fifteenth century astronomer and mathematician, and the IBVM founder Mary Ward (1585 – 1645). This was followed by a lively communal celebration that situated our Institute story within the cosmic story through music, art and dance.

The Associate Commitment Ritual was a highlight of the day. Bonnie O’ Brien, Marina Badali and Trudy McGlynn made their formal commitments to the IBVM Canadian Province Associate Relationship.

Parent of parents and Friend of all friends, we thank you for the friendships that empower us to extend more widely Mary Ward’s charism of discerning love. Keep us always mindful of our founder’s counsel to “Let your love be rooted in God, and then remain faithful to your friends, and value them highly, even more highly than your life.” Amen.


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