Corporate Social Responsibility - The Vision of Mary Ward in Today’s Global Economy

26/09/2009 - 9:00am - 3:30pm

The Loretto Sisters are co-sponsoring this workshop with The University of St. Michael’s College, Continuing Education Division in celebration of the 400th Anniversary of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Sam Sorbara Auditorium, Brennan Hall
St. Michael’s Campus, University of Toronto

Keynote Speaker: Mary M. Gusella

Mary M. Gusella is a Loretto graduate of St. Michael’s College. Mary went on to study law at the University of Ottawa and to a distinguished career in the federal public service. Mary retired from the position of the Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission in 2006. She then went on to practice alternative dispute resolution for a number of years.

Mary has been recently engaged as an advisor on ethical and legal issues to developing democracies in Africa.

Afternoon Panel Presentation: An Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility

A lively discussion of ways to incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility into the teaching and practice of business; invited panelists include:

Juan Carranza, BA, L.L. B. and MBA

Juan Carranza was born in El Salvador arrived in Canada at the age of 16 and obtained his law degree from Osgoode Hall in 1992 and his MBA from Queens University. Juan is founder and principal of Toronto’s largest ethnic law firm serving clients in ten plus languages. Juan’s efforts in community service are contagious. His firm’s members all do pro bono legal work and are active in and contributors to many not-for-profit community groups. In 2000 Juan received a prestigious community service award from the law society of Upper Canada and the Samos Capaces Award Centre for Spanish speaking Peoples. Juan is past-president and chair of the Board of Salvaide and active member and is a frequent visitor to El Salvador.

Dennis Patrick O’Hara, D.C., N.D., PhD

Dennis O’Hara teaches ethics and is the Director of the Elliott Allen Institute in Theology and Ecology at the University of St. Michael’s College. His interest in ethics, ecology and medicine has led to extensive speaking engagements on eco-theology and the spiritual dimension of human health. Since 2004 Dr. O’Hara has been a member of the core teaching team in the Certificate program for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Ingrid L. Stefanovic, PhD

Ingrid Stefanovic is Director of the Centre for the environment and a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto. Her research interests include environmental philosophy, philosophical foundations of sustainable development policies, as well as values and assumptions affecting environmental decision making and risk assessment. Dr. Stefanovic is a St. Michael’s College graduate and has been a guest instructor in the Certificate Program for Social Responsibility.

Open Space Conversations

Participants will be invited to engage in conversations with panelists and other resource persons on topics like social enterprise, microfinance, cause marketing, ethical sourcing, environmental sustainability, workplace diversity, business ethics, human rights and stakeholder engagements.

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Tickets: $ 20.00
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